Capture digital data from handwritten forms

Scalable data collection for all environments

We use the state-of-the art in software and A.I. to auto-transcribe handwritten data with high accuracy, enabling you to move from paper to Excel within 60 seconds.

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9 000 000

patient visits processed.

And still counting.

Average OCR certainty



times more accurate stats

compared to manual data collection

What is ScanForm?

ScanForm enables frontline workers to collect vital and time-sensitive information even in resource-constrained conditions. Using ScanForm, paper forms can be transcribed with a single smartphone photo. Once the photo is uploaded to ScanForm, the handwriting is transcribed using artificial intelligence, and is exportable to Excel. Summary statistics and visual analytics can be auto-computed in real-time.

This technology has been used for several years for epidemiological surveillance in Kenya, and has been highlighted on The Gates Notes. It makes near real-time surveillance possible even in rural areas lacking electronic infrastructure, but where the surveillance of malaria, HIV, and TB is still crucial. Paper guarantees that data entry is straightforward and scalable, and ScanForm ensures that data will be received.

How does it work?

Write on paper

Fill out the paper form with handwritten data.

Take a picture

Scan the filled out form with the mobile app.

Data is digitized

Let AI transcribe that for you!

Export and analyze data

Explore data and summary statistics.


Paper records aren't disappearing anytime soon! But health officers must extract data from them, to monitor epidemics and optimally allocate medical resources. Manual transcription of this handwriting, from one system to another, results in a snowballing cascade of errors in the statistics reported to governments and donors. How can we ensure high data quality while minimizing the disruption to existing workflows?

What are the issues with all-digital EMR systems?

Double data entry – clinicians use paper anyways, then transcribe into a computer
Lack of reliable electricity and internet
Lack of local computing infrastructure and capacity
Paper records are often still legally required


ScanForm is a solution to all these issues! It does not require expensive technology at the edge, persistent internet connections, nor stable electricity. ScanForm is a smart hybrid of analog and digital, combining paper with AI to make scalable data collection possible.

Learn more from these videos

ScanForm process animation

ScanForm demonstration

Weak data collection systems are hampering a timely and effective response to malaria.
The epidemic in Angola offers a stark reminder of the importance of strong surveillance.

—Dr. Pedro L. Alonso, Director, Global Malaria Program, WHO

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