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Challenges of gathering data in global health

For decades, all-digital EMR systems have struggled to scale. Paper-based medical registers remain the de facto standard in SSA. Extracting timely, accurate, and granular data from these registers is crucial in the fight against global health epidemics.

Current flow of health data throughout Sub-Saharan Africa

Excessive manual transcription and mental math results in data inaccuracies.

entrywith error/ omissionentrywithout errorsEntered by medicalworkers in clinics, byfilling out specialforms. It is perfectly normal, that some mistakes oraccidental omissions happen inthis case. But how doesthis affectfurtherworks, summaries and data analysis?Patient records1Afterfilling outformswith patient data, each page is summarized.This often means - rewritten by hand.Asyou can imagine, mistakes can happen duringthis repetitive task.Page summaries2Atthe end of each month allthe data gathered is summarized.What ifthe entries aren’t checked before? Thats right, errors pile up and this can have huge impact on thefinalresults.Monthly summaries3Finally, allthe data is transferedto DHIS2.And so are allthe mistakes and omissionsthat remained unnoticed duringthe manualtranscription.DHIS24

ScanForm to the rescue!

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With ScanForm, you can continue using paper and forget about transcription, rewriting, and calculations. Statistics are consistently calculated and sent directly to you. And instead of doing endless data entry, health workers can focus on improving quality of care.

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