ScanForm generates timely analytics by eliminating manual data entry and auto-calculating summaries from patient-level data

Summary Statistics

ScanForm improves the data quality of summary statistics because human calculation errors are eliminated.

ScanForm auto-generates XLS and CSV files of data

MOH-compliant summary statistics are auto-calculated by the 2nd of the month

All spreadsheets available in a custom data portal

Real World Examples of Data Visualizations

In Malawi, three scannable MOH registers with ScanForm will be scaled nationally in 2022 and 2023 to capture data for all HIV testing services (HTS).

External donor reporting requirements include HTS data finely disaggregated by 19 testing modalities, 13 age groups, sex, and summary results with over 800 data elements for each monthly facility report (Source: PEPFAR Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting v2.6). It is impractical to manually abstract all this data from paper registers. With ScanForm, summaries are auto-calculated with a smartphone picture.

HTS tests by age and sex

From August 2020-21, six scannable routine MOH registers with ScanForm were piloted in 93 facilities in Migori and Homa Bay counties (Kenya) to increase the availability, analysis and quality of malaria data.

Weekly malaria cases per 1,000 population, by OPD <5 and >5 registers

Malaria positivity rate automatically calculated from ScanForm-based OPD < 5 registers, by sub-county in Kenya

Trends of antenatal care (ANC) visits over time are easily monitored with scannable ANC registers in Kenya

37,061Total number of visits
9Records with invalid data

Distribution of HIV results and WHO stage from scannable ANC registers in Kenya

ANC HIV Results


In the MiMBa clinical trial, the distribution of malaria treatments from OPD > 5 registers are tracked with maternal health outcomes

Tracking the spatio-temporal effects of Attractive Targeted Sugar Baits and Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets on reducing malaria infections.

Maps from scannable OPD <5 and OPD >5 registers show the geographic variation of malaria testing rate and proportion of malaria cases in Alego Usonga and Rarieda, Kenya

OPD<5: Malaria testing rate at Health Facility [%]

OPD>5: Malaria testing rate at Health Facility [%]

OPD<5: Proportion of Malaria Cases in all Outpatient cases [%]

OPD>5: Proportion of Malaria Cases in all Outpatient cases [%]

Population pyramid of malaria testing and treatment data from Kenya, by age group

Evaluating RTS,S - the malaria vaccine - with thousands of community health volunteers in Kenya.

Community under-5 mortality surveillance of malaria in 8 endemic counties of Western Kenya

Tracking clinical trail enrolment in Kenya and Burkina Faso to study the relationship between malaria and antimalarial drugs on COVID-19.

Enrolled to cohort

87Burkina Faso
25%Burkina Faso

Participants enrolled to MalCOV clinical trial in Kenya

Participants enrolled to MalCOV clinical trial in Burkina Faso

With ScanForm, vaccination data is rapidly digitized to produce a list of defaulters, informing reminders for the next dose and track progress towards targets.

Monthly monitoring of vaccination coverage towards targets in Njoro, Kenya